About Us

The Old Ways…
Just aren’t enough anymore when it comes to addictions and addictive behaviors.
A little creativity could go a long way.

Here at Carpe Diem, we will start with what you know and develop new avenues of growth, such as:

  • Learning new hobbies and skills to alleviate boredom
  • New types of support systems
  • Meeting new people with similar interests in order to develop friendships
  • Discussing alternative techniques to alleviate cravings
  • Advancing in physical and emotional well-being
  • And more!

Why continue with the “School of Hard Knocks” when you can profit from our 45+ years of experience?

Let CARPE DIEM Behavioral Associates help you to find new options. Give us a call today!

Lewiston – (207) 241-7959

Saco Affiliate – (207) 229-5383

South Paris Affiliate – (207) 739-1111